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5 Ways to Discourage Your Pastor

5 Ways to Discourage Your Pastor

As a pastor of a local church for over twenty-five years, I had my share of buildups and letdowns. Sometimes I recall the discouraging times more. I know that I was not supposed to get down because of people and circumstances, but it happens. I also know that the people who discouraged me did not always mean to do so. But it happened.

The purpose of this post is to let you in on a few things to avoid (unless you want to discourage your pastor). If you are bent on discouraging him or her, here are 5 surefire ways of doing so:

1. Be a no show at Sunday service. Vacation, kids sports, sleeping in … pretty much any excuse for not going to church serves as a way to frustrate a pastor. Of course, there are legitimate reasons for missing church. But the general lack of commitment to the church by members is a major source of discouragement for most pastors. Here is why: non attendance is a statement that whatever we chose over church is simply more important to us at that time; that is discouraging to a pastor, and understandably so.

2. Don’t support the church financially. Statistics show that an overwhelming majority of church attenders give little (or nothing) to the church. Although they are limited in what they can say on this topic, pastors get upset about this for a few reasons. There are spiritual implications and consequences. Lack of generosity indicates a lack of gratitude to God. Lack of giving limits the blessings that God will provide for individuals and churches. It’s no wonder why Pastors get discouraged about this issue.

3. Don’t grow as a disciple of Christ. Good pastors will want to measure the progress of the church members. We preach, teach, pray and counsel with the goal of spiritual maturity for the people. While we see with physical eyes and spiritual growth is difficult to measure, it is frustrating to perceive people as stagnant and stuck in their relationship with Christ. It’s sometimes enough to make a pastor want to quit.

4. Fight progress and growth; refuse to accept change in the church; don’t welcome new people into the church. I once had a church member say to me of our church, “the smaller, the better.” Spiritual leaders take people on a journey. They are assigned by God to move people toward God. They discover where the church is and where God wants to take it. There is no such thing as a leader who remains motionless. When God places a vision for growth in the heart of a leader, it can be devastating if people refuse to go. Certainly, there are many conditions that are required which pastors must observe. They must earn the trust of the people and be able to discern the direction of the Spirit. But once this is realized, the refusal of participation by church members is one of the greatest sources of frustration that a pastor can experience.

5. Leave the church. Although many people approach church as consumers and change every time something happens that they don’t like, pastors hope for more dedication. When someone leaves the church, it hurts personally. It is rejection. Pastors suffer when people leave.

The list could go on…

Most people don’t want to hurt their pastor; I hope you don’t. But please don’t overlook the possibility that you may be doing so inadvertently.

Grace and peace to you!

The youth will be going out for lunch and to see a movie on Sunday, Jan. 5!

We are located on New Home Road on Sand Mountain. 
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Prepare for Rain

Fallow ground is unseeded, unused.  Find your fallow ground's ministry, prepare it, plant seeds, and

He will provide the rain. 

We still have church on Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings!
Traditional Sunday School Sundays at 10:00!
Come join us!
Welcome Brother Doug Grant and his family as they have traveled from their Crossville, TN home on Sundays to bring the Word in both Sunday services. 

  Service Times
Men's Prayer Room - Sundays 9:30
Ladies' Prayer Room-Sundays 9:30
Sunday School                       10:00

Sunday Service                      11:00

Youth Service                         11:00

Sunday Night Service               6:00

Wednesday Night Service        7:00

Nursery services are available every Sunday morning.  Your baby will be welcome to join those in the nursery, or if you're uncomfortable about it at first, no one will be upset if the baby stays in the service with you.  On Sunday and Wednesday nights, the nursery is open to parents who wish to take their child on their own.  A TV monitor is available so the service can be seen and heard.

The nursery at Circle of Faith is directed by Pat Cloud.  She does a great job of coordinating our group of volunteers!


Be prepared daily
for the sudden
appearing of a solitary
cloud in the
Eastern sky.....
for we know not the day
nor the hour.
Matthew 24:44